All about Zori Studio

ZORI Studio builds a reliable, quality business in the field of WebCam for 10 years and today it remains the only (!) certified studio in Ukraine. But what are the advantages of the model? How does the experience and certification of the ZORI web modeling studio affect the work of models that trust us with their careers and safety?

Security and reliability are key moments in the WebCam-modeling, and in any business in general. But security and privacy come to the fore in the video chat. And ZORI Studio employees are absolutely sure that their personal data, career growth, and stable earnings are always under guaranteed reliable protection.

Our equipment is configured in such a way that you are always in perfect safety. Your friends and residents of your country cannot see you, no one will know your real name and other data. We are responsible for this.

ZORI Studio takes seriously not only the quality and safety of work but also to the training of our models. Therefore, every girl who starts the web model career with us from scratch gets everything necessary for an easy and successful start. We have developed and apply several proven and effective learning tools for this:


Models that cooperate with ZORI Studio receive unique conditions for training and career advancement. Our own training centers are located in the Dnipro (Ukraine) and Prague (Czech Republic). Each of our employees can receive a free study course: to live in Europe while studying, to continue working and earning. And after the training, you will acquire skills that automatically increase your weekly income to at least €2000.

We must not forget that web modeling is directly related to digital technologies. We provide our models with the most advanced equipment and gadgets for trouble-free work:

Comfortable working conditions are one of the main requirements for work pleasure and successful result. We have thought all the details so that you don't experience any discomfort:


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